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Not understanding employee entitlements by law can result in issues, whilst also showing your employees that you don’t care about their wellbeing!

Knowing what they are entitled to in terms of breaks, and perhaps going over and above that entitlement if at all possible is a good option. In addition, you should provide your staff with adequate and comfortable break facilities, such as breakout furniture where they can relax away from the main office space, and as much outdoor access as you can, e.g. gardens.By Singapore law, employees over 18 years of age are allowed to have a minimum of one 20 minute break, uninterrupted, during their working day, if they work more than 6 hours in one day. This doesn’t have to be a paid break, that is entirely up to the employer and what it states in the employee’s contract of employment.That is the law, but we all know that 20 minutes is quite low. In that case, most employers give a minimum of half an hour for lunch, some giving an hour, and occasional rest breaks in-between. It’s a good idea to let your staff roam around for screen breaks at the very least – their eyes need a rest, perhaps to the coffee machine for a quick boost of energy!Giving staff access to comfortable break facilities could include a myriad of different things, such as a fridge in the staff room, to store brought in lunches, comfortable lounge chairs to chill out when away from their main desk.Ensuring that your staff are able to take regular breaks throughout the day doesn’t hinder productivity, it actually increases it. By ensuring optimum focus, you’ll get the results you need, and morale will be on the rise.How many breaks do you have in a day?And make sure you use the Office Chair Singapore of Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore. Office Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore has been trusted for a dozen years as an expert Office Chair Singapore with good quality and the best price for your office room.For more information, please visit the AOF Singapore website or directly contact AOF SINGAPORE via email at or via telephone at +65 6783-7911 (For Singapore or 021 3111-6161 (For Indonesia) to get a special price from us !
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