Jun 28, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture

If you’ve read a lot about different working methods within the office environment you’re sure to have heard about the latest buzz trend on the block – agile working. The thing is, agile working isn’t a flash in the pan, it’s a way of working which looks set to stay, and there are many beneficial reasons why.

To give you a head’s up on what an agile working environment looks like, this is a space which is designed for productivity in mind. It is a space which focused on the individual task at hand, and employees are given the choice of where they work and how they work in order to achieve completion of that task to the best of their ability, and to the highest standard possible.

An agile working space has an office desking system which is flexible, creative, and comfortable. It is often an open plan office design and the best office furniture is used, to ensure employee comfort throughout. Desks are not crammed into the space, they are strategically placed to ensure space between them and with certain types of working in mind.

For instance, you would have a collaborative area, with perhaps a large table and plenty of space to walk around, maybe an interactive whiteboard and a colourful, dynamic decor. However, this collaborative area would be placed away from the quiet area. Your quiet area is for closer work, work which requires focus and concentration. In this area you would perhaps have height adjustable desks, maybe office screen for privacy and acoustic panels to soak up the noise.

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