Main Types Of Office Layouts Part 5

Jun 21, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Main Types Of Office Layouts Part 5


The contiguous layout is probably the most confusing to visualise when hearing it described in words, but it is basically two main office spaces which run adjacent to each other. These can be above or below one another but they are always adjacent. The reason this is useful is because it allows you to incorporate different office sizes into your main space, e.g. for management, meetings, collaboration, etc., but keeps everything within a relatively small area too.A contiguous layout isn’t likely to be too loud or difficult to work in for close work, and therefore you’ll probably find less distractions with this type of layout too. The downside is the possibility for isolation between the two offices, e.g. you might find an ‘us and them’ feel between the two spaces, and it is also quite time consuming to move between themAnd make sure you use the Office Chair Singapore of Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore. Office Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore has been trusted for a dozen years as an expert Office Chair Singapore with good quality and the best price for your office room.For more information, please visit the AOF Singapore website or directly contact AOF SINGAPORE via email at or via telephone at +65 6783-7911 (For Singapore or 021 3111-6161 (For Indonesia) to get a special price from us !
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