4 Ways To Prevent Work Related Back Pain Part 2

May 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
4 Ways To Prevent Work Related Back Pain Part  2

Sit Closer

Having to keep reaching for items on your desk can put unnecessary stress on your back and shoulders. If you spend most of your time on the phone then try replacing it with a headset to stop any stretching and cradling. Position your mouse as close to you as possible while still remaining comfortable and have your keyboard at around four to six inches away, keeping your wrists straight whilst typing. These are the first steps towards ensuring that your office is set up ergonomically to help keep you healthy.And make sure you use the Office Chair Singapore of Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore. Office Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore has been trusted for a dozen years as an expert Office Chair Singapore with good quality and the best price for your office room.For more information, please visit the AOF Singapore website or directly contact AOF SINGAPORE via email at or via telephone at +65 6783-7911 (For Singapore or 021 3111-6161 (For Indonesia) to get a special price from us !
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