4 Office Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business Part 1

Apr 30, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
4 Office Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business Part 1

Your office is one of the most important parts of your business’s culture. Though some business owners and office managers underestimate the importance of a workspace’s look and feel, this can make a huge difference when it comes to whether or not your business succeeds. A well-designed office can do all sorts of wonderful things for a company, from boosting productivity to increasing interest from prospective employees or clients. On the other hand, a poorly designed office can harm a business’s prospects. Here are just a few of the ways you can tell if your office space is bringing your company down:

One of the most important things a company can do is to have a consistent brand. This mainly applies to marketing materials like business cards and websites but it also extends to your office space. If your company markets itself as a fun, laid-back business, your office space should reflect that. Alternatively, if your company’s marketing materials are all serious and formal, but your office is full of bright colors and bean-bag chairs, you’ll send a mixed message as well. Make sure your office’s design lines up with your overall brand.

It Inhibits Productivity

There are all kinds of philosophies about what type of office layout is best for fostering productivity, but there are some aspects that will always drain your employees. For example, if you haven’t taken care to ensure your lighting is bright enough, workers can find themselves feeling drowsy all day long. If it’s too bright, you can cause headaches. Whether it’s a loud elevator door or a poor heating and cooling system, little in-office distractions can slow your workers down and cost your company money.

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