Optimal Conference Room Arrangement With Conferences Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore Part 1

Apr 22, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Optimal Conference Room Arrangement With Conferences Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore Part 1

Conference rooms are vital spaces for holding important meetings, such as seminars, discussions, or business meetings. This area usually has a formal feel because the activities carried out are also mostly "serious" activities, including business presentations and scientific discussions. To support these formal activities, a comfortable, formal conference room is needed, but without being stiff.

In order to realize the interior of the conference room, structuring the right furniture and appliances is the main thing to consider. Do not let its existence actually hamper the smooth activities here. The following are some conference room arrangement references, including the selection of the correct conference room layout.

Layout Of Seating In The Conference Room

• Presenter Style or U-Shape

If most of the meeting agenda presents a presenter or speaker, you should arrange a table in the conference room to resemble a U or U-shape, where the presenter will be in the open part of the table. This method makes all the meeting participants present in the conference room be focused on the presenter or speaker. The end of the U-shape is the part closest to the door, so that people who attend the meeting will not interfere with the concentration of the speaker.

• Classroom model conference rooms

Conference rooms arranged in such a way as classrooms are suitable for activities involving many people, such as organizing examinations, seminars, public discussions, meetings that require a lot of aid equipment such as laptops and projector screens, and meetings that emphasize one-way communication rather than individual discussions - each participant. In this conference room layout, there will be a row of tables with several chairs in front, which are facing the wall and facing the audience, then in front of it will be placed a few rows of tables and chairs for the audience. Don't forget to choose a soft and comfortable chair to use to sit for a long time. Decorating a conference room like this will focus the attention of the audience on the presenter or speaker and be suitable for long duration activities.

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