How To Choose A Folding Chair Singapore By Ardent Office Furniture Part 4

Apr 22, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How To Choose A Folding Chair Singapore By Ardent Office Furniture Part 4

Meeting Space for Decision Making Meetings

Of course, the purpose of this meeting is to make decisions, so that meeting space that encourages a variety of inspirations and inputs may actually disrupt the smooth running of the meeting later. Therefore, the design of an appropriate room for this meeting is one that has a formal atmosphere and does not contain elements that can actually disrupt the concentration of the meeting participants. In order to maintain the focus of the audience, you can randomize the seating arrangements to prevent chatting with the person sitting next to them. Or, you can also experiment with arranging seats so that individuals who often have disagreements sit close together if they want to provoke discussion throughout the meeting.

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