What Is The Best Office Chair Singapore For Short People? Fixing The Discomfort Dilemma Part 2

Apr 10, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
What Is The Best Office Chair Singapore For Short People? Fixing The Discomfort Dilemma Part 2

#What essential features do short people need?

When shopping for a new Office chair Singapore there are usually 2 major problems smaller framed people encounter and need to get right.First, the majority of chairs have a fixed seat and so the seat depth can't be adjusted. This often presents a major challenge for those with a shorter leg length. Frequently they find that they end up sitting on the edge of the seat because the seat is too deep.Fortunately there is a simple answer to this problem and what’s needed is to make sure the Office chair Singapore you consider have a sliding seat adjustment. That way you get to set the seat’s depth to the proper position for comfortable working. Once you have the seat depth right your back is in contact with the back of the seat and so properly supported.Second, short built people often find standard seat height adjustment ranges don't work for them. Frequently the seat doesn't go low enough and so it’s not possible to place your feet on the floor. This soon makes working uncomfortable.To get around this problem what is needed is to replace the standard gas lift with a smaller strut. Most good seating manufacturers offer alternative gas lift struts.Here's a quick tip for making sure you get the right size. Slip off your shoes, stand up and measure from the floor to the inside of your knee joint. Use that dimension to make sure the Office chair Singapore height can adjust at least an inch above and below it and you should be able to get your feet square and comfortable on the floor.Whilst a change of gas lift won’t add much to the cost of a Office chair Singapore, unfortunately chairs with sliding seat adjusters do cost more, starting around the $300 level. It would be a mistake to buy a Office chair Singapore without these 2 features if you want to escape discomfort. So much for essential features, what should you be wary of?
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