Why All Office Chair Singapore Foams Aren't Created Equal

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Why All Office Chair Singapore Foams Aren't Created Equal

Most people never give a second thought to the foam in their Office Chair Singapore. It sits tucked away under the upholstery and yields gently as you sit on it, so what's the big deal? After all it's only a piece of sponge how complicated does it need to be? The reality is the foam in an office seat is critically important to your long term comfort.

“When I sat in it in the office supplies warehouse it felt good to me. In fact it was loads better than my old chair which was as hard as hell.”Unfortunately sitting in a demo model in a showroom for a few minutes is absolutely no guarantee that the seat will retain its springiness for any length of time.Foam quality varies enormously. Cheap Office Chair Singapore are often made with foam that is little better than the sort used in packaging. Whereas quality ergonomic Office Chair Singapore will have high quality foam. Often they use two different densities of foam bonded together and molded to support the user correctly.
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