You Only Get One Back: Is Your Office Chair Singapore Ruining It? Part 1

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
You Only Get One Back: Is Your Office Chair Singapore Ruining It? Part 1

Have you ever observed a young baby as soon as it has learnt to sit up? If you have you may well have been struck by the beautiful posture of the child's back.

The spine is straight and shoulders sit naturally by it's side. Not only that, the side movement of the head is huge compared to the average adult. Babies can easily turn their heads well over 90 degrees to the left or right.Sadly, in a few short years it all starts to go downhill. Sitting in lousy seating at school and then hours in front of a TV or computer soon starts to take its toll.So, even by the time you start work, it's likely you will have lost a fair amount of the natural back movement you had as a young child. This makes it important that you pick a good Office Chair Singapore if you spend most of the working day sitting in one.Let's look at how the wrong Office Chair Singapore only makes things worse.How A Bad Office Chair Singapore Damages Your BackTo keep your back healthy you need to avoid Office Chair Singapore with poor back supports. Chairs with low fixed backs aren't a good idea as they leave large areas of your back unsupported.Office Chair Singapore that have no lumbar support should be avoided too. The most important area of you back to support is the lower back or lumbar region. Unshaped chair backs are unlikely to give you the support you need. And backs with exaggerated shapes can be just as bad and should be avoided to.If you prefer a mesh back Office Chair Singapore make sure it doesn't have a poorly designed hard plastic frame because it can dig into your back.So, what should you look for to get proper back support?
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