Is Your Desk Chair Causing Office Chairitis? Part 1

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Is Your Desk Chair Causing Office Chairitis? Part 1

You certainly won't find the condition office chairitis in any medical book. Nonetheless there are thousands of people suffering its effects every day without even realizing it. So what exactly is office chairitis and how do you know if it's affecting you?

Office chairitis is way of describing the sorts of problems people put up with daily by spending long hours in poorly designed desk chairs.What are the signs of office chairitis?Here are some of the clues that your Office chair Singapore is the cause of of this condition.Do you find that after you've been working for an hour or so your shoulders and neck start to ache? And as the day wears on so does your pain.Maybe for you it's more a case of lower back pain. The base of your back just aches and when you do eventually get up out of your Office chair Singapore you feel as stiff as a rusted hinge.For others it shows up in the form of nagging discomfort in the undersides of your thighs. No amount of wriggling and moving about in your Office chair Singapore seems to help ease things.And if you are really unfortunate you may even suffer from several of these problems at the same time.So much for the problems, what is at the root of them?
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