Is Your Desk Chair Causing Office Chairitis? Part 2

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Is Your Desk Chair Causing Office Chairitis? Part 2

What Causes Office Chairitis?

Almost always the cause comes down to sitting in low quality seating.The reason your neck and shoulders are aching is because of the lack of a properly designed seat. Cheap Office Chairs Singapore often place your body in a lousy posture and as a result your neck and shoulders end up being badly supported.This inflicts undue stress on the muscles in your neck and shoulders and as they tire they start protesting in pain.It can even be down to something like fixed arms on your Office Chairs Singapore. When they aren't at the right height your shoulders often get hunched up in the air forcing your upper body into an unnatural posture.A similar problem arises with your lower back. For good back comfort it's necessary to maintain the natural curvature of your spine, known as lordosis.When a Office Chairs Singapore lacks the correct support for your lower back what happens is you start to slump in your Office Chairs Singapore. Your lower back becomes rounded and what results is this all places a huge additional strain on your lumbar region. Bring on the pain says your brain.And when pain in the undersides of your thighs is your problem, there's a good chance it's down to your Office Chairs Singapore too. One of the commonest causes of this is cheap chair foam. The quality of foam in Office Chairs Singapore varies enormously. In cheap chairs it's frequently little more than packaging foam. This type of foam isn't designed to take the constant pressure of your body sitting on it.Typically after a few months of use this type of foam starts to deteriorate and no longer retains its shape. As it gradually breaks down it isn't long before it all goes flat. And that's when the underside of your legs start to ache from sitting too long on a hard flat surface.Let's take a look at what you need to do to fix these issues.
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