How Active Sitting Helps Undo The Harmful Effect Of Passive Office Chairs Singapore Part 1

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How Active Sitting Helps Undo The Harmful Effect Of Passive Office Chairs Singapore Part 1

When you spend all day in an Office Chairs Singapore you will likely find that as the day wears on you find aches and pains starting to set in. And there's a good reason why this tends to happen. It all has to do with the design of many Office Chairs Singapore which discourage active sitting. In fact most chairs do the opposite.

The Negative Effects Of Passive SittingSo what do we mean by passive sitting? When you sit in the average Office Chairs Singapore it just isn't designed to encourage sufficient movement. The area which is affected most is the connection between your lower back and the tops of your legs.It's a bit like a hinge. When you stand up back and legs open up like the hinge and as you sit down the hinge closes up again. It doesn't close up fully of course, instead what happens is you just end up being locked in the same position for hours and that's not good.Think of it like the rare occasions when you need to turn of the water supply into your house. It can be very difficult as everything has seized up through lack of use. Of course we all know it's a good idea to periodically turn the supply on and off to keep it moving freely. And yet we never do it because we don't give it a thought, until it's a problem.Not all Office Chairs Singapore are tarred with the same brush and some of the better quality seating from companies like AOF (Ardent Office Furniture) Singapore do encourage movement around the hinge area. Even so, they don't always provide as much movement as we need, sometimes a different approach is needed.
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