How To Fix That Sinking Office Chair Singapore: The Chair Saver Kit Part 1

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How To Fix That Sinking Office Chair Singapore: The Chair Saver Kit Part 1

Have you ever had one of those Office Chair Singapore where the gas lift just keeps sinking? As fast as you adjust it, once you put your weight on the seat you start to fall down and before you know it the seat is at its lowest setting.

It usually happens for a couple of reasons. First, sometimes the lever controlling the gas lift gets out of alignment and ends up pressing the release on the gas lift. And second the gas lift is faulty and can no longer hold its adjusted height.Either way the result is the same, a Office Chair Singapore you can’t work in – until now that is.Introducing The Office Chair Singapore Saver KitThis clever gizmo allows a simple and permanent fix to your problem.To work out how many spacers you need, drop the Office Chair Singapore to its lowest level, chances are that's where it’s at anyway. Then standing in front of the Office Chair Singapore measure the distance from the top of the seat to the middle of your knee.Next pull the Office Chair Singapore back up and with the gas lift exposed snap on the required number of spacers to match as closely as you can the dimension you noted earlier. That's it, now when you sit down the Office Chair Singapore will only sink until it reaches the spacers which then hold the seat at your correct sitting height.Where you chair’s pneumatic lift has plastic covers around it just pull them down first to expose the cylinder so you can fit the spacers.And that really is all there is to fixing your chair’s faulty gas lift. It’s recommended for anyone over 250lbs to wrap several tight layers of duct tape around the spacers following fitting. This eliminates the possibility of them sliding over each other.
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