Are You Suffering Back Pain From Your Office Chair Singapore? Part 3

Mar 29, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Are You Suffering Back Pain From Your Office Chair Singapore? Part 3

Lack Of Movement When Working

Far too many people remain seated all day, apart from taking a lunch break.Although better quality Office Chair Singapore are designed to help you move as you work, even the best of them won’t do your exercise for you.No matter what Office Chair Singapore you have getting out of it regularly and having a stretch or taking a short walk is vital. We aren't designed to be fixed in one posture for hours at a time. You should aim to get up out of your Office Chair Singapore every 30 minutes or so and do some simple stretches and maybe walk around the office.Sitting at 90 degrees used to be common advice for office workers. Nowadays a more open sitting angle is recommended. Research by Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen Scotland found that an angle of 135 degrees body to thigh seating position reduced the strain on the spine and its ligaments.While this is good advice, it’s simply not possible with most Office Chair Singapore. Even if you recline in them to work they tip your legs upwards making it very difficult to remain in contact with your work.Happily, some modern Office Chair Singapore by Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore will allow the user to work in this more open angled position.
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