How Desk Chair Height Can Cause Leg Pain For Office Workers Part 3

Mar 28, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How Desk Chair Height Can Cause Leg Pain For Office Workers Part 3

What Should You Do When You Can’t Achieve This Sitting Position?

Adapting your Office Chair Singapore to fit you Most average built people should be able to get their Office Chair Singapore set to the right height. However for short or tall people things may not be so simple.Typically short built people find the seat won’t go low enough to let them rest their feet squarely on the floor. In fact they may not be able to rest their feet on the floor at all.The opposite problem affects tall users. Even with the Office Chair Singapore on maximum height they find the angle between body and thighs is very tight as they are forced to sit with knees pointing up in the air.Fortunately some manufacturers offer different sizes of gas lift support struts. Check and see if there is one available to suit you. Start by measuring from floor to knee cap and make sure that dimension is covered by the alternative strut’s height range.This should take of things, but what if it doesn’t?
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