Furniture Spotlight: Lex 2861 by Ardent Office Furniture

Jan 11, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Furniture Spotlight: Lex 2861 by Ardent Office Furniture

To just say this chair is flexible is an understatement! Lex 2861 by Ardent Office Furniture is an ergonomic desk chair complete with a headrest. It can also function as a comfortable bar height stool!

With so many different base, frame, arm and material options, Lex 2861 isn’t just another chair for your office space, it’s any kind of chair you want in your office space.Lex 2861 isn’t designed to just fit your seating needs; it’s designed to fit any area of your space. Behind a desk, outside an office or even around a table in a formal conference room – Lex 2861 is comfortable and suitable for any office setting.With a 3 ½” seat cushion and comfortable design, Lex 2861 is the Office chair Singapore everyone in the office will want to sit in – especially during a long meeting.For more information, visit
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