Why Cheap Office Furniture Singapore Is A Bad Investment

Dec 26, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Why Cheap Office Furniture Singapore Is A Bad Investment

No one's going to argue that setting up an office is easy business – no one who's ever done it at least. Establishing a new work space from scratch can be time consuming and expensive, so it's a process during which business owners often end up cutting corners wherever they can and looking for the cheapest deals on absolutely everything – from computers to chairs.

Cheap Office Furniture

If you somehow luckily come across tremendous discounts on super high quality products, then there's absolutely no harm in purchasing Office Furniture in Singapore at a low price – or opting for the cheaper option in insignificant places, such as nylon curtains rather than silk and lace – however, office furniture that is cheap all year round is something to steer well and truly clear of. This is because low cost Office Furniture Singapore won't just affect the comfort and health of your employees and the safety of your work place, it may also damage the impression of your business that is put forth to the world and put you out of pocket in the near future with costly repairs and replacements.

Here are just a few more of the many reasons why purchasing cheap Office Furniture Singapore a bad investment:

Comfort: Although selecting the cheapest Office Furniture Singapore might certainly seem like a terrific idea during the initial stages of your office set-up, you and your staff are likely to rapidly decide otherwise when you find yourselves struggling for forty hours a week in an office full of cut-rate, poorly designed furniture items. Stingily cushioned chairs, non-adjustable back rests and stiff, unsteady filing cabinets are just some of the discomforts you are likely to face if you choose to take the budget option.

Cost: Cheap Office Furniture Singapore is cheap because the producers and suppliers maintain a low price by using poor quality materials and outsourcing construction to unskilled workers who are overworked, often in poor conditions. This doesn’t just meant that the product ends up being cheaper, it is also substandard and is likely to require frequent repair or replacement. This isn't to suggest that you necessarily need to invest a huge amount of money into your Office Furniture Singapore, but spending a little more on ergonomically designed mid-range items that come with a five year warranty may in fact save you  future expenditure.

Safety: Safety is an important consideration in any workplace, and cheap Office Furniture Singapore is unlikely to put occupational health and safety first. Inexpensive and poorly constructed desks, chairs and shelving may collapse, injuring workers and other property. Similarly, uncomfortable working conditions can cause workers to physically compensate by bending or straining which can cause ongoing long-term, sometimes untreatable, muscular and skeletal conditions.

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