How To Fix An Office Chair Singapore That Sinks

Dec 26, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How To Fix An Office Chair Singapore That Sinks

Often people complain of sinking hydraulic office chairs Singapore. Means, the chair loses its lift and sink to the bottom even after setting it dozens of times in a day. Such office chairs Singaporeusually don’t work with a repeated use of leaver located at the side to adjust height.

The solution to this is to fix a pneumatic cylinder located at the bottom of your office chairs Singapore. Take apart the chair so as to expose the pneumatic cylinder. You will find a screw on its end or at the top. This screw is used to adjust the valve that let air pass in and out of the cylinder. Turn this screw to the either sides and see if it sinks again with pressure. If yes then tight the screw more preferably to the quarter or half of the complete turn, so as to adjust it the required level. Sometimes, a minor adjustment like this is what just all necessary to fix troubles like this.In other case, if above idea doesn’t work then it is possible that the gas cylinder in the office chairs Singapore is faulty and you probably have to replace it. While these issues are quite common with quality office chairs Singapore it shouldn’t happen with newly manufactured products. Also if it happens, the dealer or supplier should take the responsibility to provide replacement or repairing service for such product for free if it is still under warranty or guarantee period. To avail such services, it is important that you buy office chairs Singapore from recognized shop or get renowned brand. If you go for cheap office chairs Singapore the choice fell on Singapore's Ardent Office Furniture.
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