The Complete Office Worker’s Guide to Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore by AOF

Dec 21, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
The Complete Office Worker’s Guide to Ergonomic Office Furniture Singapore by AOF

The set up of a modern office is vastly different to how traditional offices were designed, from the style and layout of the furniture to the quality of the pieces themselves. Where once structured cubicles and heavy partitions stood, now stand hot desks, shared workspaces and even experienced based architecture. Employees are expected to spend more time at work, and a growing number of office fitouts are designed to encourage staff to spend their work hours at their desks, and their leisure time in the shared amenities like elaborate breakout spaces and creative games rooms.

The technology of the office is rapidly changing too, with the most competitive companies providing all of the latest tools required for staff to be at their most efficient, all the time. With this increase in time spent at work and growing expectations of time put in, it’s critical that office workers have a comfortable, safe and sturdy workspace, known as an ergonomic workstation. Regardless of whether you hot-desk, work at a small desk or even work from home, customising your space is small time commitment with huge benefits. At Jason L, we’ve compiled a list of the best Office furniture Singapore to fit any role, as well as some tips to staying healthy and comfortable at work.

So what is an ergonomic workstation, anyway?

An ergonomic workstation is one that has been designed, structured and set up to provide maximum support and comfort, and is customisable to fit the individual. This means that in a given company, whilst each member of staff may have the same office chair Singapore, no single workstation will look the same.  Ergonomic Office furniture Singapore by Ardent Furniture reduces the risk of workplace injury, increases safety at work and contributes to employee health.

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