How To Choose Whether To Buy Or Lease Your Office Furniture Singapore

Dec 18, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How To Choose Whether To Buy Or Lease Your Office Furniture Singapore

The buy vs. rent conundrum isn’t just for property. It’s something that business owners will be faced with at different points, like when setting up a workspace. Do you buy your office furniture Singapore or rent it?

In today’s instant gratification, ‘I don’t want to wait for anything’ world, it’s understandable why renting is tempting. But it’s important to understand the pros and cons of both sides of the rent/buy coin.

Why buy?

In the long run, buying your office furniture Singapore is cheaper. By paying for something up front, you won’t spend anything on interest (that’s how they make their money). Also, there’s less stress each month because you don’t have to worry about that recurring bill. Just like buying a house, paying for office furniture Singapore outright means you own it. You have an asset. With this comes flexibility. You can sell your items then upgrade. With leasing, you will be locked into a contract that you have to honour. Owning something adds value to your business. You can also claim the furniture as a tax deduction because it’s a business expense.

So, which one is best for you? When it comes to making that decision, focus on the piece of office furniture Singapore itself. With desks, chairs and tables, they usually have a longer ‘shelf life’, as opposed to technology equipment (that’s also often leased).

If you plan to keep something for a long time, buying it will give you a new asset. And this is really what business is about – building assets and creating wealth.

Buy your office furniture Singapore from us Ardent Furniture Singapore, the ergonomic experts.

Creating a healthy work environment first requires an understanding of what your people need, then, an investment to create that reality. The best way to do this isn’t to rent furniture but instead, invest in ergonomic furniture that’s flexible and can cater to the person who’s using the chair or desk. We can take it one step further and custom design pieces for your team, so your suite of office furniture Singapore is made just for you. This way, you’re maximising the value behind each chair, desk, and workstation.

Let us create office furniture Singapore that’s 100% customisable to you – and will grow with the needs of your team into the future.

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