3 Essential Tips To Care For AOF PU Leather Office Chairs Singapore Part 1

Nov 23, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
3 Essential Tips To Care For AOF PU Leather Office Chairs Singapore Part 1

Your AOF Office Chair Singapore takes care of the largest part of your body—your back (and butt). In return, it doesn’t ask for a lot of maintenance, particularly Office Chair Singapore made from PU leather.

PU leather is a coated surface which makes it easier to maintain than natural leather. However, even the highest quality can degrade, crease, and even peel over time if proper care is not administered.Follow these 3 quick & easy tips, and your AOF Office Chair Singapore will look as good as new down the road:Don’t Sweat ItIt’s normal to break into a sweat when you are furiously at work or in the middle of an intense gaming session. It’s a good thing that most PU leathers are designed to be water resistant!But there isn’t any leather—be it natural or synthetic—that is completely immune to prolonged exposure to perspiration and the buildup of body oil as these will change the pH values of the coating. Add in friction to the mix, and the end result will be a weakened top coating that is prone to peeling. Restoration is not possible after this happens, so remember to keep your sweat off!We recommend using your PU leather Office Chair Singapore in a cool & dry environment, and avoid prolonged exposure of your Office Chair Singapore to perspiration and hot objects, such as hairdryers.Continue to read the next points at the next article.
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