How Bad Posture at Work Affects Your Health

Nov 08, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How Bad Posture at Work Affects Your Health

While growing up, we’ve all faced the scolding by our elders asking us to “sit up straight!” The effects of bad posture at work, if not corrected, lead to slouching for a lifetime along with other health issues. Most of the urban population work in offices sitting in one place for more than 7 hours. It becomes imperative to have a good sitting posture at work if you wish to avoid a badly shaped spine, aching body parts or a stressful lifestyle.

If you’re being told that you’re slouching often, it’s necessary to accept and correct this posture. Here are 5 negative effects of bad posture at work that will pressurize you to sit up straight!1. POOR DIGESTIONWorking on a desk job means sitting on a Office chair Singapore with your neck and shoulders slouching over your abdomen and chest. Though this posture may seem comfortable, in the long run, it could lead to digestive issues. The slouching squeeze your abdominal organs like stomach, intestine, and liver. Over time, the effects of bad posture at work can cause your metabolism and digesting abilities to slow down making you completely unfit.2. INCREASED RISK OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASEBad posture at work causes changes in the spine alignment and it can also lead to blood vessel constriction. This, in turn, affects the nutrient and oxygen supply and can result in blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. All of these side effects can greatly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease if the misalignment goes untreated. Poor posture can raise your blood pressure. When you move, your neck muscles send a signal to your brain to ensure that it has an adequate blood supply while you move around. Poor posture can cause this system to break down, resulting in blood pressure that is either too high or too low.3. BACK PAIN And NECK PAINOne of the most common effects of bad posture in the workplace is chronic back pain. It happens because of disc degeneration, or simply from the excess pressure being placed on the spine. Disc degeneration occurs when the disks between the vertebrae thin out and lose their cushioning. This position is also often accompanied by forwarding shoulders and a rounded upper back, which not only feeds into the neck problem but can also cause shoulder pain.4. SUBLUXATIONSA vertical subluxation is when the spine becomes misaligned, affecting the overall integrity of the rest of the spine. Poor posture is a sign of a deeper problem—your spine being out of alignment, causes your muscles, ligaments and support structures to compensate for the misalignment or subluxation over time. When this happens, the subluxations can cause a lot of stress on a person’s back, as well as irritation on the surrounding spinal nerves.5. NERVE CONSTRICTIONAs the spine and other bones change their position due to the long-term effects of bad posture, the skeletal system begins to come into contact with the surrounding nerves and “pinch” them. These pinched nerves can cause neck and back pain, but they can also cause pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body.One surprisingly simple strategy for improving body posture at work can go a long way: Buying the right Office chair Singapore for your work. Ardent Furniture offers modular workstations with shapely Office chair Singapore that provide comfort to the spine, reduce neck and back pain, prevent several health issues along with other key benefits of using modular office furniture Singapore. These chairs come with an adjustable seat height, proper seat width and depth, and seat tilt. Oher features of our opulent executive and director chairs include swivel, armrest, headrest, high-end materials, and wheels ensuring that it completely supports the ‘s’ shape of the spine.Ardent Furniture, the most popular online furniture store in Yishun sells the premier ergonomic Office chair Singapore like the director chairs and executive chairs. These have been designed for increasing productivity and reducing stress on various parts of the body affected by bad posture at work. So, sit straight with your head held high for a stress-free life and a great posture.
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