Activate Your Sit for a Healthier Workday

Sep 26, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Activate Your Sit for a Healthier Workday

Health and wellness in the workplace is becoming more and more important. You may not have access to a height-adjustable or sit-to-stand desk, but you can still promote your own wellness by engaging in active sitting.

But, what is active sitting? Active sitting happens in any Office chair Singapore that allows the person to move – movement is the key, and it’s what promotes wellness. Office chairs aren’t new, but according to the article The Quest for the Perfect Office Chair, incorporating the science of ergonomics into chair design really didn’t start until the 1970s. Since then, ergonomic findings have continued to make it easier to move while you sit.Features like tilt tension or weight-activated controls make reclining easier and more comfortable. Having the ability to recline allows users to change positions, creating movement in the spine. Any movement in your back helps to nourish the vertebral discs. The idea of active sitting is to foster this movement so you aren’t sitting still for long periods of time.Another way to get a truly active sitting experience is to try a new seating option like Wixx 2995 by AOF Singapore. Perch provides a simple, new way to encourage movement while you work. Supporting both seated and standing-height positions, you can easily adjust the height of your Perch stool to meet your needs with a one-touch pneumatic adjustment. and it also offers a 360-degree rotation with a return to center. Perch is lightweight and easy to move with the flared handle design. And, Perch is available in three color options: Black, Red and Blue.So, check out the Wixx 2995 by AOF Singapore Perch to take your active seating to the next level or try any of the great task chair solutions AOF Singapore has to offer that help promote movement for a healthier workday.The concept of active sitting is just one of many ways to take a healthier approach to how you work. While active sitting helps reduce the effects of sedentary behaviors,
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