Putting the Ergonomics into Office Chair Singapore Design

Sep 25, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Putting the Ergonomics into Office Chair Singapore Design

Failing to consider ergonomics in the design of a office chair Singapore is likely to lead to a poor user experience. For instance, a Office chair Singapore that does not provide sufficient support to the lower back can lead to back pain, which can result in anything from discomfort through to long-term sick leave. Many occupations today require individuals to be sat for most of their working day; it is therefore essential that ergonomics is central to the design of a Office chair Singapore.

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline that is concerned with understanding people and applying it to design, with the overall goal of optimising the design for human use. To achieve this, there is a need to adopt a User Centred Design approach, an approach that places the intended user at the centre of the design process. This approach requires the application of ergonomics theory, principles, data and methods to the design. From a user-centred perspective, good design focuses on creating products that bring together three key principles; 1) FunctionalityFunctionality refers to the intended purpose of a product. In relation to a Office chair Singapore, this is to provide stable bodily posture that is comfortable over a period of time, physiologically supports the spine, and appropriate for the activity that is to be performed. In order to achieve these requirements there is a need to consult appropriate anthropometric data. Anthropometric data refers to the measurement of people in either a rigid posture (static data) or in motion (dynamic data). These measurements are then mapped to the Office chair in order to determine the appropriate dimensions for the various Office Chair Singapore components. 2) Usability The second principle of user-centred design is usability. This refers to designing products that are efficient, effective and satisfactory to use. In relation to Office chair Singapore design, there is a need to ensure that the product’s functionality (adjustability) is usable. 3) Desirability. The third and final principle to consider when designing an ergonomic Office chair Singapore is desirability. This refers to the extent to which the product connects with the user on an emotional and/or hedonic level e.g. social impression, personal values, feeling of quality etc. It is therefore important to obtain a holistic understanding of your target user in order to achieve this. In particular, their values, how they want to feel when interacting or viewing the chair, what impression would they like to give off to others, etc. Overall, it can be said that ergonomics plays a significant role in the design and development of Office chairs Singapore. It is in fact the discipline that is focussed towards ensuring the final design delivers value to its intended users.
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