Office Chair Singapore Guide: AOF Singapore

Sep 18, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Office Chair Singapore Guide: AOF Singapore

The seat is anatomically shaped with the aim of encouraging the sitter to make full use of the Office Chair Singapore area, as this is the only way to ensure contact between the back and backrest. To achieve this anatomically-friendly shape, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

A flattened and rounded front seat edge prevents restricted flow of blood to the lower legsThe seat itself should pitch downwards slightly towards the front to encourage circulation in general, prevent a hunched posture and tilt the pelvis into an upright position.The Office Chair Singapore depth adjustment means that the chair can be customised to individual thigh length, which avoids pressure on the backs of the knees from the front edge of the seat and thereby also promotes circulation. Optimised weight distribution across the pelvic bones reduces pressure on the thighs.Good quality foam for the seat is important so that elastic recovery is retained over the long term and the seat does not wear out – after all, the seat has to support more than 70% of the body weight. So “passive ergonomics”, as it is known, encourages the pressure distribution across the seat to be as even as possible.As with the armrests, there are also ideal measurements that should be observed. It is important that the height of the seat allows individual adjustment within the range of 42 to 50 cm. A user is sitting in the optimum position on his Office Chair Singapore if the angle between the thighs and calves is at least 90 degrees. When the seat height is set correctly for the leg length, the pressure exerted on the pelvic bones is minimal. The return flow of blood and lymph from the legs is then uninhibited.For that, you should choose Office Chair Singapore from AOF Singapore which already has the appropriate seat size requirements for office workers. visit for more information
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