Can Your Office Chair Singapore Cause Hip Pain? Part 2

Sep 18, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Can Your Office Chair Singapore Cause Hip Pain? Part 2

2. The Use Of A Wrong Hip-Joint Angle

Hip pain can occur if you rely on a bad hip-joint angle, too. Hip-joint angle is the angle your hip makes with your trunk when you sit on a chair. A bad hip-joint angle can not only cause hip pain, but can also lead to several other health issues.So what is a good hip-joint angle? One study found that the ideal hip joint angle is 135 degrees. Does that seem like a surprise? If yes, you are not alone. Most people expect the answer to be 90 degrees!Anyway, if you want to achieve the ideal angle of 135 degrees when sitting on your Office Chair Singapore, the best thing you can do is notice the position of your knees relative to your hips. If you find that your knees stay at a higher level compared to your hips when sitting, then you need to lower your chair a bit.It is truly fascinating that most people do not even consider something as important as hip-joint angle when sitting on a Office Chair Singapore. Let alone that, many even do not bother to look at the various adjustments available in a chair before buying it. They just look at the price and style of the Office Chair Singapore, and base their decision on that.If you want to have a healthy hip that does not annoy you with any kind of pain, you need to take your time to adjust your hip-joint angle.Remember that wrong hip-joint angle is not just associated with hip pain. A bad angle can harm your spinal discs, as well.Your office chair can certainly make your hips painful if you are not careful. But, as long as you choose Office Chair Singapore from AOF your concern will end. because AOF Singapore brings the Office Chair tailored to the needs of office workers with long working hours. do not miss and visit our website
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