Why Should I Invest In a Good Office Chair for my office in Singapore?

Sep 18, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Why Should I Invest In a Good Office Chair for my office in Singapore?

This post isn't an attempt to convince anyone to buy an extremely expensive office chair Singapore, but rather, to educate and highlight the benefits of going with a more expensive option as opposed to a cheaper one. Below, we cover four main features that set low cost Office Chair in Singapore and more expensive office chairs apart.

Office Chair with Lumbar SupportLumbar support is the lower back support you see in Office Chair in Singapore that work to support the curvature of your spine to aid in a healthy sitting posture.Office Chair with Adjustable ArmsAdjustable arm height/width can make all the difference. The long and short of it is, is that the more expensive the chair, the more adjustment features you will typically see, and this includes adjustable armrests. Cheaper Office Chair in Singapore typically cannot be adjusted, while more expensive Office Chair in Singaporeallow you to adjust the height and pivot of the chair arm.Office Chair with Adjustable Seat PanMore expensive Office Chair in Singaporefeature a seat that can be adjusted forward or backward for optimal seat depth. An Office Chair in Singapore seat pan should be deep enough so that the back of your knees don’t touch the seat.Office Chair with Adjustable Tilt TensionMake sure when you’re looking for an Office Chair in Singapore, you consider the back tilt and tension control features. The tilt tension feature is incorporated to support the weight of your upper body and can provide some relief to your back when it's adjusted. Sitting in a neutral, upright position is usually the best posture to have while sitting and this helps with that.Now you know, when you choose the right Singapore Office Chair, it can affect your health? Hence, do not get us wrong! If you want to find various types of qualified Office Chair in Singapore, you can visit
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