Sitting Old in the Chair? Here's The Signs That You Need The New Office Chair by AOF Singapore

Sep 17, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Sitting Old in the Chair? Here's The Signs That You Need The New Office Chair by AOF Singapore

One thing that can be used as a solution to health problems caused by sitting too long in the office is to buy new ergonomic type of Office Chair at AOF Singapore.

Are you an office worker who is conditioned to sit all day? You certainly need to see this information. We all know, that every job has an impact or risk to health. No exception if your job requires you to sit for a long time in front of the customer or computer.Some health risks that may arise due to prolonged sitting are health problems in the spine, hips, and muscles around the neck.If it is only one or two days, this disorder may not be visible. However, it will be another story if you do this (activity) every day, for months, even years.Some signs of health problems that can occur (due to sitting for a long time throughout the day), include:Mental Exhaustion Caused by Bad Office Chair SingaporeA study conducted on workers with a relatively long sitting intensity (approximately six hours a day), showed that most of these workers had an increased risk of mental fatigue. As for, some of the symptoms of mental fatigue they show are easily tired, nervous, and easily anxious.Gain Weight / Risk of Diabetes Caused by Bad Office ChairIt's not new information, if lack of movement can trigger diabetes in the body, it's no exception if you sit all day at your old bad office chair Singapore. According to several studies, sitting too long without being balanced with physical activity can reduce the body's metabolism and lead to diabetes.In addition, sitting too long can cause accumulation of body fat and cause your body widened.Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease Caused by Bad Office Chair SingaporeSitting too long at a bad office chair Singapore can make the muscles of the body relax and blood circulation to decrease. If that's the case, bad fat in the body can gradually increase. This is what can trigger the risk of heart disease.Trigger Back Pain Caused by Bad Office ChairSitting for hours in the bad office chair Singapore can trigger pain in the spine. In fact, it can change the structure / shape of your backbone. This is closely related to spinal cord disorders that are often depressed, when you sit for hours.Reduce Flexibility of the Spine Caused by Bad Office Chair SingaporeAccording to some studies, sitting too long at a bad office chair Singapore can reduce the flexibility of the spine. This decrease is affected by a decrease in the development of a soft disk in the spine called the nucleus poposus.To reduce this risk, you are encouraged to do some physical activity and not just sit all day at your office chair. However, often we are powerless to refuse to sit all day at the office chair. Because, this activity should be done to support the work. The solution, you can do a short break and do a little relaxation, in the form of a light exercise movement in the office.
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