Office Chair Sitting Posture

Aug 29, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Office Chair Sitting Posture

Posture is important for sitting in office chairs Singapore and at a workstation. Many of us spend hours in front of the computer, resulting in back pain or neck pain. Much of this pain may be avoided by a combination of:

Adopting a user-friendly workstation by adjusting the office chairs Singapore, computer and desk positioningModifying sitting posture in an office chairs Singapore. Many people sit towards the front of their office chairs Singapore by and end up hunching forward to look at their computer screen. The better seated posture is to sit back in the office chairs Singapore AOF Singapore and utilize the chair's lumbar support to keep the head and neck erect.Taking stretch breaks and walking breaks if sitting in an office chairs Singapore by AOF for long periods of time.A consistent, comfortable workstation depends on where the computer screen is situated, where the hands and feet are placed, and the kind of office chairs Singapore.
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