Do you sit on a wellness ball instead an office chair at work? Maybe you shouldn’t.

Aug 29, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Do you sit on a wellness ball instead an office chair at work? Maybe you shouldn’t.

One trend that comes up over and over again in regard to healthier replacement of office chair Singapore is the use of a stability ball as a substitute of office chair in Singapore. Producers claim that using a stability ball provides users with increased health benefits such as the strengthening of core muscles, more calories burnt and less back pain. But can these claims to be substantiated? Using a stability ball as an office chairin Singapore “led to just as much slumping and poor sitting positions as a desk chair”. In fact, the reality is… it is almost impossible to maintain a neutral spine structure on a wellness ball over prolonged periods of time. Having a neutral spine means that your back is in its proper position. There shouldn’t be any pressure on spinal discs and no feelings of discomfort or pain when doing it.

The facts from from another Dutch study also showed and concluded that using stability ball as a replacement of an office seat instead of a conventional office chair led to significant “spinal shrinkage”. So,what is spinal shrinkage? Spinal shrinkage is a health term that occurs when cushions between the spinal vertebrae lose fluid due to lack of movement.Comparison of the Stability ball vs. The Ardent Office ChairThere are hundreds of office chairs in Singapore that claim to be healthier options for you than your standard Ardent Office Furniture office chair in Singapore. We chose to compare sitting on a wellness ball with the menches Ardent Office Chair, because the Ardent office chair promises to do the same things that a wellness ball promises: it strengthens core muscles, relieves back pains, and most importantly coaxes the body to balance at all
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