The Important Dimensions of A Good Office Chair Singapore

Aug 28, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
The Important Dimensions of A Good Office Chair Singapore

The basic measurements you need are chair seat height, width, chair seat depth and Office chair Singapore back height. Seat height usually dictates how much effort a person needs to actually get in and out of a chair. Office chair Singapore that are too high lift your feet of the ground, and that's simply no good.

The lack of lower body support will cause serious discomfort over time. A seat that is low gives you problems in trying to get in and out of it. It, therefore, makes you vulnerable to strains. The pressure localizes at the hips negatively.

The height, however, is calculated when measuring up from the floor and then to the back of the knees. The chair seat width you need should be the width of your hips from left to right. Then you need a few more inches equally on both sides.

Depth is measured from behind the back of the knees. The Office chair back height should have great head support as it works with the rest of your body. And finally, the armrest must support the entire forearm. It should do this without you raising or dropping the shoulders is attempt for comfort.

Put these considerations together, and you'll be on track buying the Office chair Singapore that improves your work, protects your back and keeps you healthy throughout life. If you're ready to start shopping for office chairs in taking a look at our selection of ergonomic Office chair Singapore is a good place to start.

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