Ardent Office Furniture Explains Back Pain CAUSED By Poor Office Chair Ergonomics

Aug 28, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Ardent Office Furniture Explains Back Pain CAUSED By Poor Office Chair Ergonomics

The most common back issue in office workers is a general non-specific back ache. This is caused by poor posture when sitting at an office chair, and then exacerbated by prolonged periods in this poor posture.

It is called a non-specific back ache because it is non-specific in the sense that there isn't one particular part of the lower back (i.e. disk, ligaments, joints, muscles) that is causing the symptoms. Instead, the pain is probably coming from a combination of areas that are all being stressed by the problematic posture.

Ergonomic Back Injuries Caused by Non Ergonomic Office Chair in Singapore

The common postures that cause this non-specific back pain in Singapore are:

Slumped or slouched posture - whereby you sit towards the front of the Office chair , slide forwards, and slouch into the backrest. This results in your lower back not being supported by the lower back support that most Office workers in Singapore have.

Frequent or prolonged forward leaning - when you lean forwards, gravity wants to pull you further forwards. To resist this pull from gravity, you have to constantly activate your lower back muscles to hold you upright. Over time, these muscles got fatigue, leading to discomfort or pain.

More specific back injuries are also possible caused by poorly designed office Chair ergonomics. To prevent that from happening, only use a quality ergonomic Office Chair from Ardent Office Furniture. For more information you can visit

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