Sitting for Long Hours is Killing You

Jan 16, 2018 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Sitting for Long Hours is Killing You

It turns out that not only smoking that kills you, but sitting for long hours also kills you. Even a new study showed that prolonged sitting increases a risk of premature death, even if you exercise a lot. Not to mention that sitting for long hours cause various aches and pains in some area of the back, neck, shoulder as well as headache on a daily basis.

This news must terrify every office worker who regularly spends 8-9 hours sitting in front of a computer, that doesn’t include if they have to work overtime which usually takes 10-12 hours a day.

But don’t worry anyway, any negative effect of prolonged sitting could be combated or even prevented by wisely and carefully choosing the right office furniture especially the office chair that meet health and safety standard.

Now the question is… how do you know you have picked a right office chair that meet health and safety standard? Let me explain!

Make sure your office chair isn’t too high or too low.

Environment, Health and Safety for workplace, University of North Caroline states that if your chair is too high, then it will cause the excessive pressure on the back of the legs which will result in reduction of circulation. Meanwhile, if your chair is too low, it will only allow you to have the small part of your legs placed on the chair and the pressure on that area will be too hard to bear.

If you use an ergonomic chair which allows you to adjust the height of the chair easily, please adjust the height until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Try to stand up in front of the chair and check whether the “top of the seat pan is at the height of the bottom of your kneecap.”

If the height of the chair has been all set up to the criteria above, you can still adjust the height up and down around 1-3 inches until you feel comfortable with your position.

Make sure your seat pan isn’t too deep or too shallow

You’re getting a proper seat depth if there is a fist-width to three-finger gap between the front of the seat pan and the back of your knee while you’re sitting with your back touching the backrest.

If the seat pan is too deep, it will make you difficult to rest your back at the backrest. And if your seat pan is too shallow, it may result in pain since you can only place a small portion of your upper legs and the pressure on that area will be unbearable.

Considering the importance of a proper seat pan, it’s highly recommended to choose an ergonomic office chair in which you can easily adjust the depth to fit your body proportion. And in order to reduce some pressure on the back of the thighs, make sure your seat pan has rounded corner edge.

Make sure the backrest fit the curve of your back.

In order to get an ideal backrest that will have your back well-supported, you have to make sure the backrest has lumbar support that fit your lower back curve.

Having the right lumbar support is very important since it will eliminate some pressure on the bottom part of the vertebrae, the most frequent area to get injured.

An ergonomic chair commonly provides height-adjustable lumbar support that will let you get the height that perfectly fit your lower back.

Furthermore, it’s better to pick a dynamic backrest which is specifically designed to support your back in whatever position either when you sit upright or recline.

Make sure the chair has five castors.To avoid tipping on the chair, it’s better to choose chair with at least five castors.

Five castors chair provide more stability than a chair with four castors. With five castors chair you can glide freely and safely without being afraid to tip over.

Better off using an office chair with a headrest

One of the functions of headrest is to avoid some aches and pains in the neck and shoulder since it will reduce some tension on that area. By using headrest you’ll feel more relaxed.

Don’t forget to move around a lot!

Having the right office chair is not enough, in order to eliminate the health risk of sitting for long periods of time, it is strongly recommended to move and walk around for every 30 minutes.

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