How To Choose An Ardent Office Chair Singapore

Mar 24, 2021 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
How To Choose An Ardent Office Chair Singapore

If you work at one of the best desks for all or part of your working day, it’s important to have a comfortable office chair that offers you sufficient cushioning, as well as back support to help you keep your posture in check and prevent muscle strain.

Considering how to choose an office chair probably isn't something you thought you'd be spending a lot of time on, but an Ardent Office Chair Singaporeis an essential part of your setup, so it's important you know how to choose the right one. For many people who are working remotely, they may have first thought it wouldn’t last very long and that any chair would do. That may have been the case but now it’s time to consider, have you chosen the right office chair?

01. How to choose an office chair: Types

The first thing to consider before choosing your Ardent Office Chair Singaporeis what type of chair you want. We don’t mean whether you want an armchair or a beanbag as all of our recommendations will be dedicated office chairs, but you do have the options of a regular ergonomic office chair, a chair with a saddle seat, or a kneeling chair. Plus whether you want it to have fixed feet, or be on wheels.

02. How to choose an office chair: Material

As referenced above, your two main choices for regular ergonomic chairs are mesh or cushioned. Mesh-back chairs are breathable and more flexible, which means they can adapt to the shape of your body to a degree. They tend to be rolling and many come with built-in lumbar supports and so are likely more suitable if you're an all day, every day desk worker.

03. How to choose an office chair: Support

Sitting for eight hours a day isn't any good for anyone, and so you should always take frequent rests to get up, move around and/or stretch. But if you can't avoid sitting for a large portion of the day while working from home you should take measures to stop yourself slouching, and choosing the right Ardent Office Chair Singaporecan help.

04. How to choose an office chair: Adjustability

Once you’ve decided on what type of office chair you want and what level of support you require, check that the height and tilt are adjustable. The heights of all of the chairs we recommend in our best office chair roundup are adjustable as it’s so important to be able to set up your workspace correctly. The correct height for the seat of your office chair is when you can sit with your thighs parallel to the floor when your feet are flat on the floor. If you can’t reach the floor with flat feet because of the height of your desk then you should consider getting a foot rest too.

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