Ardent Office Chair Singapore The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Mar 26, 2021 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Ardent Office Chair Singapore The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

The pandemic has most people secluded in the comfort of their homes where working from home and home-based learning has become the new norm for everyone. And as homes upgrade their work and study setup with new laptops, keyboards and other peripherals, one thing that few consider is the chair they sit on. An off-rack chair might be enough for the occasional use, but what about sitting down for hours on end, like at the office?

Sure, there are several office chairs out there, but not every home is suitable for an oversized chair, and that’s where the Ardent Office Chair Singapore the latest model of ergonomic chairs that Ardent Office Furniture released. With a metal frame and mesh seat, backrest and headrest, the Ardent looks and feels like a proper office chair built for comfort, and at a price that’s friendlier than some of the more well-known ones out there.

Starting from the top, there is the TriTune headrest, which is unique to the Ardent Office Chair Singapore. The C-shaped rest is more of a neck rest that is height adjustable, helping owners fix their posture more effectively. You can choose to have the back of your head rest on the TriTune, or have the arch cradle the curve of your neck, assisting in avoiding neck pains, or by supporting your head as well as your upper spinal column through better sitting posture.

The material of the chair is not at all rough and itchy, especially to the skin. If you intend to wear shorts, jeans or whatever clothing you prefer, it remains pleasant to sit on. Also, the fabric of the seat is taut when sat on and can withstand weight up to 150kg due to the blend of fabric and polyester that makes it a stronger mesh.

Office chair Singapore by AOF is assembled with the best configuration and materiality ardent office furniture is competitive because ardent office furniture is the best from the class for avoiding physical contact you can Shop from home by Whatsapp +65 8155 3470 we understanding about Singapore Covid 19 issue so, we present best office furniture for you experience better work from home need a better office chair

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