Get Rid Of Your Tired Neck And Back With This Office Chair

Apr 14, 2021 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
Get Rid Of Your Tired Neck And Back With This Office Chair

When you're hurting, it's hard to focus. And when it's hard to focus, that can negatively impact the quality of your work. Long periods of sitting in a standard office chair can lead to back pain — a serious issue that can affect an employee’s performance and personal life.

It’s reported that 82% of adults have experienced back and neck pain over the course of their lives and that 53% of all working adults have experienced back and neck pain in the last year. These numbers indicate that back pain is common. Fortunately, back and neck pain can be decreased and possibly diminished with the application of ergonomic office chairs, the perfect home office investment during this renewed period of interest in remote work.

An ergonomic office chair with lumbar support is designed to put less pressure on the spine, promoting good posture and alleviating back pain. If you are looking for an office chair for back and neck pain with a lumbar support and headrest design, the Ardent Office Chair Singapore is the right choice.

Ardent Office Chair Singapore is an excellent option if you want sturdy seating with ergonomic features. Ardent Office Chair Singapore has a breathable mesh back and a padded seat to help you stay cool and comfortable all day, making your work feel easier and help your spine, back. and neck health.

This Ardent Office Chair Singapore has other features, such as customized arms, adjusting chair corners and customized lumbar support and headrest. It also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, making it a very solid choice for chairs with adjustable heights. It rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to reach the object behind you and clean the knee from your desk before standing up and also has a generous 12 month warranty.

This office chair comes with a standard lever to adjust its height and a pole at the base connecting to wheels, allowing you to move smoothly and turn comfortably. The cushioned seat promotes comfort, though the main value of this chair is its streamlined structure. While it lacks advanced ergonomic supports, the basic design is ideal for those who work in shorter spurts and want to deck out an office without blowing the budget.

So, it’s time for you to use the ardent office chair Singapore for your office needs. ardent office chair singapore remember that the most important thing about your business is your comfort while working on your important projects.

Office chair Singapore by AOF is assembled with the best configuration and materiality ardent office furniture is competitive because ardent office furniture is the best from the class for avoiding physical contact you can Shop from home by Whatsapp +65 8155 3470 we understanding about Singapore Covid 19 issue so, we present best office furniture for you experience better work from home need a better office chair

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