If Your Job Involves Sitting All Day, Try This Ergonomic Office Chair

May 27, 2021 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
If Your Job Involves Sitting All Day, Try This Ergonomic Office Chair

According to the WHO, over 2.5 million Asia now work from home, enjoying a life free from a sardine-esque morning commute and, at least, eight hours stuck behind a desk in an office that is equal parts too cold and too hot at all hours of the day. Without the presence of a boss or coworkers looming over us, watching our every move and casting a disapproving frown when we amble out of bed at 11am, still in our pyjamas to pour a third bowl of cereal, working from home can allegedly leave many of us feeling socially and professionally isolated.

Whether you end up turning your kitchen table into a makeshift desk during the day, or you're lucky enough to have a spare room you can turn into a home office, making a designated workspace area in your home with a comfortable office chair, as opposed to just sitting in bed or planting yourself on the couch with your laptop in your lap, is key to creating a productive working environment for yourself. Say goodbye to oddly sized desks, drawers that constantly jam, an air conditioning unit who's sole purpose in life seems to be to frustrate, and, mostly importantly, say your farewells to uncomfortable chairs. What you're after is an ergonomic office chair, which is the most comfortable kind of office chair designed to support the lower back and ensure good posture.

Currently, there are hundreds of office chairs on the market, making it almost impossible for the casual shopper to find the right one. Also, sometimes you may not know which one’s right for you unless you have a visual in front of you. Introduce our products, the Ardent Office Chair Singapore.

Featuring a mesh back, you’ll get lumbar support and breathability. The Ardent Office Chair Singapore seat has a sliding adjustment to get the cushioned seat in just the right spot. You can also adjust the seat height, arm height, and seat tilt with one-touch pressurized controls. Some office chairs require you to adjust the tension by means of a knob placed in an awkward spot, but this office chair from Ardent Office Furniture Singapore makes it easy to modify the settings. This chair is also certified for low chemical emissions, adding to its value if you’re concerned about air quality or are sensitive to chemical odors.

Office chair Singapore by AOF is assembled with the best configuration and materiality ardent office furniture is competitive because ardent office furniture is the best from the class for avoiding physical contact you can Shop from home by Whatsapp +65 8155 3470 we understanding about Singapore Covid 19 issue so, we present best office furniture for you experience better work from home need a better office chair

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