The Three Most Important Ergonomic Office Chair Singapore Parts (2)

Nov 01, 2019 - by Ardent Ofice Furniture
The Three Most Important Ergonomic Office Chair Singapore Parts (2)

Adjustable Seat

Having an adjustable seat is another important ergonomic feature that provides an appropriate height in relation to other components like a desk or computer monitor, which is necessary because individual body proportions vary. For example, two people of similar height won’t necessary share the same seat height adjustment as one may have a longer body and shorter legs, while the other may have a shorter body and longer legs.Depending on design, seat height can be adjusted via a lever on the side. With these chairs, the adjustable seat has a shock absorbing capability. When a user suddenly sits down, a spring will absorb the sudden impact, thus reducing pressure around the buttocks and back.And make sure you use the Office Chair Singapore of Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore. Office Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore has been trusted for a dozen years as an expert Office Chair Singapore with good quality and the best price for your office room.For more information, please visit the AOF Singapore website or directly contact AOF SINGAPORE via email at or via telephone at +65 6783-7911 (For Singapore or 021 3111-6161 (For Indonesia) to get a special price from us !
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