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To break it down, customer service is the support you give to your customers or clients before, during, and after a sale or order. This can include dealing with complaints and problems, but that doesn’t make up the whole story. Customer service is also about helping customers and clients make the right choice in terms of the product or service they purchase from you, ensuring they receive their order on time, helping them with any queries or questions they have, and giving them advice if required.

Good customer service really does come down to the basics, such as:PolitenessAn eagerness to pleaseIn-depth knowledge about the products and services you’re providingKnowing the type of people who make up your customer or client base, e.g. what they want and what they look forNegotiation and conflict resolution skills, e.g. understanding their need for privacy during a discussion and perhaps going somewhere private, such as booths or office desk podsCommunication skillsThese are the traits and skills which every single business needs to show its customers or clients, and that means the employees who are sitting at your office chairs need to be able to exhibit these traits on a daily basis. Of course, many of those traits are probably already there, such as politeness, communication skills and an eagerness to please, but the in-depth knowledge of what you’re providing is something that will need to be developed over time.When a new employee joins your business, the first part of their induction should be about familiarising themselves with the products and services your business provides, so they can pass this knowledge on to customers and clients who may have questions or a problem that needs to be resolved.If a customer calls the office to complain about a problem and they are answered by an employee who has very little knowledge about the services your business provides, this is going to further annoy the customer. Allowing customers to see that you take your business seriously will help to resolve problems far quicker and will go a long way in terms of ensuring that they remain with your business and don’t move towards one of your competitors.So, to sum up, customer service is the support you give to your customers and clients, either existing or prospective. Of course, this works hand in hand with providing them with the best impression of your entire space and the business you do, such as opting for impressive glass desks and decor, but it’s also about how you interact with the people who purchase your goods and services.Now we have a definition, let’s move on to why it’s so vitally important.And make sure you use the Office Chair Singapore of Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore. Office Chair Singapore By AOF Singapore has been trusted for a dozen years as an expert Office Chair Singapore with good quality and the best price for your office room.For more information, please visit the AOF Singapore website or directly contact AOF SINGAPORE via email at or via telephone at +65 6783-7911 (For Singapore or 021 3111-6161 (For Indonesia) to get a special price from us !
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