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“AOF has been successfully completing mid to large scale projects and manufacturing the top quality office furniture for over 10 years, at local and international level. We started small and we grew by adapting to the difficult yet lively market in Singapore, and now we’re spreading across Asia”

Johannes Hartono
Founder of Ardent Office Furniture Singapore
Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture

Our History

Ardent Office Furniture operates worldwide with our partners, resellers, dealers and consultants in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. For our furniture and chair project - contractor clients, we provide comprehensive custom-fit services for commercial interiors to ensure they get the best and the most strategic product and placement designs.

From sourcing, warehousing, assembling, inspecting, Ardent Office Furniture’s close in-depth quality monitoring is always at its highest performance. With superb attention to detail, our agents and distributors in Singapore and all over the south east asia are able to sell with confidence, turn goods into captivating assets. We are dedicated to translating brands into a work of modern craftsmanship.

Ardent Office Furniture has been trusted for the ergonomically designed chairs. From small to mid range and to mega projects, we at Ardent Office Furniture will be ready to help. Some of the project that we have on our portfolio are the office chair supplies to Changi airport, office chair supplies to Western Digital, office chair supplies to Dulwich college and many more.

We are dedicated to revolutionising the office furniture industry.

Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture

Our Vision is to be the Regional Market Leader in the office furniture industry across the APAC region and ASEAN countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide office furniture that meet world-class standards to all our existing and potential partners & customers wherever and whenever the need may arise.

Our Four Pillars Of Foundation

The Principles That Holds AOF As A Solid Company

Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture

Developing Markets

Consumer demand continues to grow in the developing markets of Singapore and South East Asia, particularly for office environment products. Through target marketing, we put conscious efforts on carefully understanding the markets and consumer behaviour to best serve our customers and establish our presence in these markets (Singapore and South East Asia countries).

R & D

One of AOF’s undisputed strengths is creative innovations. That`s why we are committed to demonstrating an excellent furniture craftsmanship via innovative technologies, sourcing new breed of materials and developing platforms and partnerships to create trends that delight our customers and consumers.

Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture
Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture

Adapting To Customer & Segments

Our well trained account managers work very closely with our R&D and Production Team to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of our customers and the changing industry trends.Our aim is to always be by our customers` side, acting as a true partner who can bring innovation, market and consumer insight and commercial expertise to develop designs creations that help grow brands and delight consumers. We are building on our strategic partnerships with our main agents, customers and developing our presence with accounts and product categories where we have the opportunity to expand.

After Sales Assurance

The key to our sustainable market demand is no other than our team’s commitment towards ensuring our customers have a trouble-free user experience. You can rest assured that AOF will bring after sales service to the next level for you. In addition, various services like repair and trade-in products are always at our doorstep with interesting packages!

Office Chair Singapore - Ardent Office Furniture
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